Coni Rathbone

Coni Rathbone is a remarkable negotiator and dealmaker. Bringing together seven years of management and financing experience prior to law school, Coni utilizes her negotiation skills to accomplish her clients’ goals with a minimum of conflict. She focuses her deal-making skills in the areas of real estate, tenant-in-common (TIC) workouts, corporate and securities law, mergers and acquisitions, and general business transactions. Coni’s expertise helps her clients purchase, develop and sell commercial property as well as navigate securities transactions, including private placements of securities. She also forms, buys and sells businesses, and serves as general counsel for many startups and established businesses.

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Practice Highlights

Coni has worked in the real estate industry since 1978. Prior to law school she managed properties and developed real estate financing packages. Those experiences have given her the business background and acumen to supplement her legal skills in today’s real estate market. Coni regularly represents buyers and sellers of commercial real estate and helps them realize their goals regarding valuation, tax savings and exit strategies.

Coni advises owners and real estate developers in large and small development projects. She represents the full spectrum, assisting manufacturing companies in developing large semiconductor facilities, developers creating office parks and headquarters, and homeowners subdividing their property to construct an additional residence.

Coni is one of the few attorneys in the country who has significant expertise in representing TIC owner groups. With 12 years experience, she has represented over 4,000 owners of TIC properties helping them find meaningful solutions. This often includes saving properties from foreclosure, preparing for and selling properties, refinancing loans and protecting her clients from predatory asset managers and other predators in the industry. Coni states that: “When I can save just one property from foreclosure, that means 35 or more owner’s retirements are more secure. It doesn’t get more meaningful than that!”

Coni has served as national leasing counsel for companies such as XO Communications, Inc. and Clearwire Corporation. She has negotiated and managed the execution of hundreds of office and retail leases and hundreds of thousands of square feet of space. Coni represents both landlords and tenants and has the ability to utilize a scalpel rather than a machete in negotiating and revising leases to create the smoothest completion possible.

Coni regularly represents clients by creating the private placement of securities through regulation D offerings. Many of these offerings are to fund real estate acquisitions or developments. Coni is on the cutting-edge of private placements through the development of her expertise in the new areas of laws approved by the Jobs Act. She represents clients with the creation of private place materials and placement on the appropriate portals for widespread marketing and distribution of the securities offered.

Coni Regularly represents healthcare clients through creating, financing, buying and selling their practices and their office buildings.

Coni forms LLCs, corporations, nonprofit corporations, partnerships and other entities for use in business and real estate. She regularly speaks about how to structure entities to get the best tax in liability protection advantage. She also serves as General Counsel for many Oregon businesses and has developed a particular expertise in representing growing food manufacturing companies. With her varied background in legal and business experience, Coni is an experienced business advisor to her clients.

Professional Recognition

Business Experience

Coni ran businesses for seven years before law school. She handled the presales for two health club facilities and managed one of those facilities for three years. Coni also managed a mobile home sales lot and over 30 multi-family residential units.


  • J.D., Willamette University College of Law, 1978
  • B.S., Business, University of Idaho, cum laude, 1988

Professional Affiliations

  • Advisory Board Member of Portland State University (PSU) Center for Real Estate
  • Advisory Board Member of the Oregon Real Estate Board
  • Counselors of Real Estate (CRE), Oregon Chapter
  • Advisory Board and Affiliate Member, CCIM, Oregon Chapter
  • CREW, Oregon Chapter
  • Oregon State Bar Association
  • Affiliate Member, CCIM

Admitted In

  • Oregon State Bar